Artist Statement:
When possible I repurpose metal vessels, most recently pewter, because it is abundant in antique shops. In doing so, I limit my need for newly mined material from an industry that is rife with environmental destruction and human rights abuses. Though the work I make isn’t strictly about environmentalism, it is an important part of my artistic practice.

In the studio I explore my relationship to objects, and how that is reflective in my relationships with people. I fabricate metal objects normally considered functional, altering their expected usefulness for my own needs, or sometimes restricting their effectiveness completely. 

How can an object compel me or direct my actions? In some cases the vessels will literally bind me to other people, or limit how I can move. Some vessels attach to the body and demand constant attention, while other pieces will encourage me to isolate and ruminate on the past. Some work requires activation to function, while others will leave me disappointed by offering an enticing button that does nothing. 

I am also interested in how objects can disconnect us. Especially those devices that claim to connect us more than ever.  In some cases my devices become an uncomfortable object blocking my ability to connect with someone. While other vessels have forced me to connect face-to-face with people in my life that had been demoted to a social media contact.  

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